Get school students excited about NHS careers

I’m a Medic is an online public engagement activity that gets people in a wide variety of healthcare roles talking to school students. Students become more enthused about a career in the NHS, and begin to see it more as something for them.

It’s an exciting and accessible way to speak with young people about working in the NHS. Everything happens online so it’s easy for you and your colleagues to be involved right from your desks and at times that suit your schedule. Find out more

About I’m a Medic

I’m a Medic, Get me out of here is an online, student-led outreach programme designed to provide equality of opportunity for all schools and students to engage with the NHS workforce. It’s shown to help students clarify their decisions on whether to follow healthcare careers, give teachers a valuable way to engage their class with a range of NHS jobs, and rejuvenate healthcare workers’ passion for their own careers. Read more about impact in the Pilot Evaluation Report.

You can apply either on behalf of a team or as an individual. If selected, you:

  • put up a profile on the site
  • answer students’ questions about your work, background, career, the universe and beyond
  • engage directly with classes in live text-based chats

Students then vote for their favourite participant or team to win £500 to spend on more engagement with NHS careers.

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Why take part as a team?

Once signed up you’ll be invited to get your colleagues involved alongside you and compete as a team. A team can be any group in healthcare, for example a group of medical students in different years at the same uni, or the staff of a general practice surgery.

Being a team is an opportunity to:

  • share the time commitment – everyone pitches in to answer the ASK questions and attend chat sessions as often as possible.
  • give students a more realistic picture of working in healthcare, showcasing the wide range of roles and experiences, and reflecting how important teamwork is in the NHS
  • foster a culture of engagement in your workplace

To apply as a team just fill out the appropriate parts of the full application form by the deadline. You don’t need to know exactly who is in your team when you apply, just say the sorts of people/roles it might include to give us an idea.

Who are the school students taking part?

The event focuses on reaching the state secondary schools where fewer students typically go on into healthcare careers. The students are aged between 12-18 years old (Y8-Y13) and take part mostly whilst in their classroom with teacher support. Read more about criteria for school selection.

The activity is also designed so it engages young people regardless of their academic ability and attainment, widening participation with NHS careers outreach. For example, it specifically uses technology that students are familiar and comfortable with, meaning those who might be too shy to speak up in class are able to do so in the I’m a Medic environment.

What kind of questions do students ask?

Students will ask questions about anything they like, from questions about NHS careers and education, to TV shows and pizza toppings. All questions are moderated to remove duplicate questions, as well as any that are rude or offensive.

What are the live chats like?

Live chats last 30 minutes; they are text-based, fast paced and fun. We limit the chats to a maximum of 2 a day. We don’t expect all healthcare workers to attend every chat but try and make sure there’s a good mix for students.

What’s the prize money for?

One participant or team in every zone wins £500 to be spent on a project (either their own, or with their place of work) which engages young people with careers in the NHS.

For more information about what the prize money can be used for, take a look at our FAQs.

How much time will it take?

Your zone will be ‘live’ for 3 weeks. Most participants say they spend around an hour per weekday on the event on live chats and answering students’ questions in ASK, at least half of which can be during the evening, outside of the work day. You can take part by yourself or as a team to share the time commitment — for example a team of colleagues, or group of medical students.

If you want to take part but are unsure about the time commitment involved get in touch with for more information or to discuss entering as a team.

Do I need any special software or equipment?

All that’s needed is a computer/tablet/phone with internet access. The live chats are text-based (no video or audio needed) and run through this site.

How do I apply?

Go to the application form

Remember, you can apply either as an individual or as a team from your workplace.

PS: Why is it called I’m a Medic, Get me out of here?

The I’m a Medic project is based on the long running, successful group of I’m a… schools engagement projects — I’m a Scientist , I’m an Engineer , I’m a Mathematician , I’m an Astronaut , and more — which in turn are named for the longer running television programme.

Since 2002 more than 100,000 school students have engaged with scientists, engineers, researchers, local councillors, and astronauts in the projects. The name works. It attracts people’s attention, it makes them smile, and it makes them engage with the programme. Students and teachers immediately “get” the concept of some experts putting themselves on the line to vie for the votes of students.