Live chat

Teachers – Book your chat with the scientists using the form on this page.
Healthcare Professionals – Filter the full list of bookings below by your zone and sign up by commenting on each booking.

Teachers – Booking your chat:

  • You need to be logged in to book your chat
  • Chats are 30 minutes long
  • You can make one booking per allocated class
  • We’ll confirm your chat booking with an email

Useful information:

  • To cancel or rearrange your chat for any reason, please get in touch by email or phone ASAP. We need to let the healthcare professionals know and allow them to get back to their day jobs!
  • If you request live chats after the event has started we will try to fit them in, but cannot promise they will happen.
  • The latest you’ll be able to book a live chat is 24 hours in advance; this allows the healthcare professionals enough time to let us know if they can make it.
  • There’s usually around 3 healthcare professionals online for each chat. If no one is available at your booking time, we’ll be in touch with you to rearrange.

Healthcare Professionals – To see booked live chats filter by zone and/or date below.