How I’m a Medic works

I’m a Medic, Get me out of here is an online public engagement activity.

By taking part you:

  • inspire the next generation of GPs, nurses, healthcare assistants, and admin support
  • develop communication skills
  • gain a fresh perspective on your work
  • find out what young people think about careers in healthcare.

The aim is to show students the breadth of career opportunities in the NHS, and help them feel that some of those careers could be for them.

Everything happens online so it’s easy for you to be involved right from your desk, at times that suit your schedule.

Who can take part

Anyone working in primary care in the Midlands is welcome to register for the activity.

You could be working in general practice, dental surgeries, CCGs, medical and physiotherapist clinics or any other part of primary healthcare.

Register your interest now ❯

We’ll be in touch with more information about taking part individually or putting a team together.

The format

You put up a profile on this site, answer students’ questions about you, your work and wider careers in healthcare, and engage directly with classes in live text-based chats.

Students vote for their favourite team to win £500 to spend on further public engagement.

Chats with classes

Chats last 40 minutes. They happen on our simple messaging platform (all typing, no video or audio needed).

Chats are fast-paced and fun. We don’t expect you to attend every chat!
Sign up for whatever you can fit into your schedule (watch example I’m a Scientist chat).

Time needed

Time commitment is flexible and the format is designed so you can fit taking part into your normal schedule.

Chats are 40 minutes long – just sign up for the ones you are available for. You will also have questions to answer outside chats, which can be done at any time.

Take part as a team to share the commitment between colleagues, and show students the variety of roles within primary care.

Questions students ask

Students will ask healthcare workers questions about anything they like, about you, your work and healthcare in general, from qualifications to the length of working days to favourite TV shows.

All questions are moderated, to remove duplicate questions, as well as rude or offensive ones. The variety of questions and reactions from students are key to the benefits people get from taking part.

Equipment you need

All that’s needed is a computer or other device with internet access. The live chats are text-based and run through this site.

Prize money for your project

The students vote for the healthcare team they think should win £500 for their own engagement ideas.

This could be school visits, careers fair exhibits, videos or podcasts, blogs, arranging class visits to your surgery or office… as long as it’s involving people outside of healthcare, it’s a good idea.

During the activity, a Team of the Week is announced every Friday. The overall winner is revealed on the final Friday afternoon.

Register your interest now ❯

If you have any questions at all, contact