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On this page you’ll find all the teaching materials we’ve developed for the I’m a Medic event. They’re designed to develop students’ debating and discussion skills, and help the event run as smoothly as possible in your classroom.

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Materials for I’m a Medic

Additional materials to use with the lesson plans

We’ve prepared some suggested lesson plans to help run the event, you’ll find these above in the Teacher Notes. Below you’ll find some additional resources to use in conjunction with the lesson plans.

Lesson 1: “Exploring the NHS”

Lesson 2: “Meet the Healthcare Workers”

Additional resources: Knowing your NHS toolkit
In celebration of the 70th birthday of the NHS, NHS England and NHS Improvement have produced an activity plan to help young people understand NHS services. It can be used alongside I’m a Medicdownload the toolkit and find other resources here.

Other materials and useful links on the site

  • Student participation certificate (PDF)
  • Live chat booking page – Live chats can be booked any time during the two weeks of the event, though you must be signed up to take part in the event; we’ll email you to let you know when you can start booking chats.
  • Guide to live chat transcripts (PDF) — Live chat transcripts can be useful tools for the students to reflect on the lesson, and to look in more detail at the questions and answers from the chat. This guide will show you how to download the transcript, and how to use the data in the file.
  • Staffroom – The staffroom is open during the two weeks of the event from 9am to 5pm. You can chat with the moderators and it’s a great place to get help quickly.

Debate Kits

Our science debate kits are designed to help students develop discussion skills around scientific issues and learn about the limitations of science and the potential ethical questions surrounding it.

Relevant debate kits for the I’m a Medic event include Antibiotic Resistance and Stem Cells. You can download these using the links below.

We believe that information should be free, especially in education, so this part of the site is accessible to everyone. All teachers (and anyone else) are free to use anything we’ve created on the site. This material has been created by Mangorolla CIC or Gallomanor (unless otherwise stated) and we have NOT copyrighted it. All material is licensed under a (CC) Creative Commons attribution license.