Students discover careers as a GP

Introducing careers in General Practice with I’m a Medic, Get me out of here!

  • Experts predict a 50% increase in the GP workforce is needed by 2020
  • 65% of questions in the General Practice Zone linked to careers and education
  • Teachers value honest answers to students questions about healthcare and general practice

Recent developments in careers advice and guidance place an importance on linking curriculum learning to careers (Good career guidance).

Nationally there is also growing concern about the shortage of qualified doctors choosing to train in general practice, with some models calling for a 50% increase in the general practice workforce by 2020.

I’m a Medic, Get me out of here is an opportunity for school students to find out about working in general practice in an interactive, engaging event.


What did students find out?

All of the conversations are student led, and students can ask whatever they want. Students find out what they want to know, not what we, or anyone else, think they *should* know. While students ask a range of questions, 65% relate to careers and education:

In the general practice zone, the panel of healthcare professionals included: Jonathan and Katharine, GPs, Shehla, a trainee GP, Simon, an Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Emma, a Practice Nurse and Chris, a Practice Manager.

Using their own experiences and expertise, they answered students varied questions:

What is your favourite part about being a GP?

How can you advise students, looking to pursue a career in the general practice zone, to handle the high levels of stress which the job encounters?

What attributes and characteristics are important/needed to being successful as a healthcare professional?

Live chats

Each class also had the opportunity to take part in a live chat, where students asked the GPs in particular, more questions about how and why they chose their careers:



Overall, teachers said that I’m a Medic was effective in developing students’ awareness of what it is like to work as a GP: