Summative Evaluation Report – national pilot

Summative Evaluation Report of January 2019 activity

I’m a Medic, supported by Health Education England (HEE) set out to address a gap in outreach provision. The pilot programme in January 2019 was aimed at Year 8 students in schools that get below average outreach from medical schools.

The aim was to show students the breadth of career opportunities in the NHS and help them feel that some of those careers could be for them. This evaluation finds that I’m a Medic helps students see the breadth of jobs and routes available to them, and that they could find a career in the NHS.

Using qualitative methods such as analysis of questions asked, focus groups, interviews and open-ended survey questions, the evaluation also highlighted that I’m a Medic has some rare qualities that make it particularly effective.


[I learned] that their are over 350 jobs at the NHS as there could be a job for all kinds of people which increases the chance of me working there when I’m older as well as how important what we learn in school today can affect our future and working in NHS

We commissioned Jen DeWitt, PhD to investigate students’ attitudes to healthcare careers before and after participation, and to explore how participation might have impacted those. The evaluation also considered how the project works within the Gatsby Careers Advice Benchmarks.


I think having it as an online meant that it was also accessible for a lot more students. For us, kind of, getting a larger group like that out of the school is quite tricky… So it made it a lot more accessible to be able to do it here in school, and therefore bring in a lot more students. So that was definitely a huge positive for us.



It made me reflect on my practice and what I liked about my job. It made me hopeful about the next generation. It was exhilarating.

Healthcare Professional

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