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Summative Evaluation Report – national pilot

Summative Evaluation Report of January 2019 activity

I’m a Medic, supported by Health Education England (HEE) set out to address a gap in outreach provision. The pilot programme in January 2019 was aimed at Year 8 students in schools that get below average outreach from medical schools.

The aim was to show students the breadth of career opportunities in the NHS and help them feel that some of those careers could be for them. This evaluation finds that I’m a Medic helps students see the breadth of jobs and routes available to them, and that they could find a career in the NHS.

Using qualitative methods such as analysis of questions asked, focus groups, interviews and open-ended survey questions, the evaluation also highlighted that I’m a Medic has some rare qualities that make it particularly effective.


[I learned] that their are over 350 jobs at the NHS as there could be a job for all kinds of people which increases the chance of me working there when I’m older as well as how important what we learn in school today can affect our future and working in NHS

We commissioned Jen DeWitt, PhD to investigate students’ attitudes to healthcare careers before and after participation, and to explore how participation might have impacted those. The evaluation also considered how the project works within the Gatsby Careers Advice Benchmarks.


I think having it as an online meant that it was also accessible for a lot more students. For us, kind of, getting a larger group like that out of the school is quite tricky… So it made it a lot more accessible to be able to do it here in school, and therefore bring in a lot more students. So that was definitely a huge positive for us.



It made me reflect on my practice and what I liked about my job. It made me hopeful about the next generation. It was exhilarating.

Healthcare Professional

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“I’m a Medic” – a web-based, social capital approach to health careers

One of the benefits of having an academic as a partner on our project is the more rigorous and detached analysis of the activity. They also have the training and culture to write up that analysis for publication in an academic journal.

Dr Paul Garrud led the writing that resulted in an article about I’m a Medic in MedEdPublish.

“I’m a Medic” – a web-based, social capital approach to health careers

The format helpfully asks you to consider Take Home Messages. Our lead was: “Investment in careers outreach risks increasing inequality unless it is designed to be able to reach all schools regardless of geography.”

This is central to our mission. Careers outreach must be designed to reach all students or risk increasing inequality.

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I’m a Medic 2017–18: Pilot evaluation report

I’m a Medic, Get me out of here: Pilot Evaluation Report (September 2018)

I’m a Medic, Get me out of here: Pilot Evaluation Report (September 2018)
Click to download report [PDF]

In 2017 Health Education England funded Mangorolla CIC to work with The University of Nottingham, The University of Leicester, and Derby and Derbyshire LMC to pilot the I’m a Medic, Get me out of here programme in the East Midlands.

The programme was based on the long running I’m a… series of projects including I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here, running since 2008; I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here, running since 2012; and I’m an Astronaut, Get me out of here which ran in 2015–16.

This report summarises the work done and the impact on students, teachers, and healthcare professionals. The intended audience is Health Education England, and potential partners looking to develop digital healthcare engagement programmes.

Download the evaluation report here [PDF]

  • 3 General Practice Zones were run across 2017 and 2018.
  • Across the 3 events 878 students logged in from 30 schools across the East Midlands. 78% of students were active on the site (asked a question, took part in a live chat, cast a vote, or posted a comment). The students asked 453 questions, and 750 answers were given. There were 8,256 lines of live chat.
  • 22 healthcare professionals engaged with school students, including qualified GPs, trainee GPs, medical students (clinical phases) with an interest in general practice, practice nurses, practice managers, and nurse practitioners.
  • Taking part helped students to clarify their decisions on whether to follow a career in healthcare. Students learnt about the range of careers and courses available, about how medics work, how to apply for jobs and skills needed, and about the lives of healthcare professionals.

“I was able to ask any questions concerning specific areas of healthcare and gain knowledge about studying medicine at University, tips about interviews as well as generally working within the NHS (specifically as a doctor)” — Student, post-event survey

“It strengthened their aspirations to get into that career or it made them realise the true aspects of the job and changed their minds.”Teacher, post-event interview

  • Teachers valued the project: 95% of teachers who responded to the post-event survey said they would take part again. Teachers highlighted the value of contact with real and engaging healthcare professionals, enthusiasm and engagement from the students, the range of careers represented, and the motivation for students to pursue healthcare careers.

“Students are definitely more aware of the different careers. They were amazed that professionals were willing to speak to them and if we were not limited with ICT support, I would have encouraged more classes to participate. Of those who took part, more are speaking about healthcare as a possible career”Teacher, post-event interview

  • Healthcare professionals commented on how taking part rejuvenated their passion for their careers.

“Taking part was beneficial in that I enjoyed the chance to engage with young people and give then insight into the realities of the career. Their questions and enthusiasm also did a lot to remind me why I am inspired and enthusiastic about medicine, which was great as it can be easy to forget! The events did give me confidence to do more like this and look at other ways I could promote healthcare careers that I might not have engaged with before.”Healthcare professional, post-event interview

  • £1,500 in prize money was awarded to winning healthcare professionals. Each winner was given £500 to be spent on projects with schools, further extending the reach of the I’m a Medic project.

Download the evaluation report here [PDF]

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