Encourage your students to consider careers in the NHS

I’m a Medic, Get me out of here! is an online enrichment activity where school students interact with healthcare workers in the NHS. Students begin to identify with people working the in NHS, and can see how science and healthcare are relevant to their lives and future careers.

“I was able to ask any questions concerning specific areas of healthcare and gain knowledge about studying medicine at University, tips about interviews as well as generally working within the NHS.”
Student, General Practice Zone

In the activity, students:

  • ASK their own questions to healthcare workers about everything and anything — questions range from social care to university to families.
  • have conversations with healthcare workers during a 30-minute, text-based live CHAT.
  • choose the winner — they VOTE for their favourite to win a prize of £500 to spend on further engagement to encourage more young people into careers in the NHS.

Why take part?

Your students see that healthcare workers are normal people too, with hobbies and interests similar to their own. Students begin to identify with those working in the NHS and gain a more positive and realistic view of careers in the NHS.

The whole class activity engages all young people regardless of their academic ability and attainment; students will have the opportunity to interact with a diversity of NHS staff from receptionists, pharmacists, nurses, and doctors.

“Students are definitely more aware of the different careers. They were amazed that professionals were willing to speak to them…of those who took part, more are speaking about healthcare as a possible career.”
Teacher, post-event interview

The online activity uses technology that students are familiar and comfortable with, meaning those who might be too shy to speak up in class are able to do so in the I’m a Medic environment.


How do I apply?

Fill in the registration form on this page and we’ll email you before the start of the next activity to ask if you want to take part with your students (on mobile? Scroll down).


How much time will it take?

We provide all the resources and materials needed, whether you’re running I’m a Medic with just one class or a whole year group; including suggested lesson plans and modifications to suit different students’ abilities.

We recommend spending at least 2 hours on the event. This will usually be one introductory lesson, one piece of homework (we suggest reading healthcare workers’ profiles and posting questions in ASK) and one lesson of live chat with the healthcare workers.


How much does it cost?

The activity is fully funded for all state-maintained secondary schools and colleges in England.


Need more information?

Check out our full FAQs for teachers or get in touch directly: email michaela@mangorol.la or call 01225 326 892.