Taking part benefits you and your students

“When students are engaged and start to see the real life impact of a subject, they’re more enthusiastic about it – I noticed an increased motivation to learn.”

Emily Tulloch, Teacher

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Benefits for your class

They stay connected

  • Taking part in I’m a Medic helps them stay in touch with learning, with teachers, and with their classmates.

They see healthcare careers in the real world

They discover new careers they didn’t know existed

  • Students connect with healthcare workers from a diverse range of backgrounds, disciplines, and industries. They hear about related careers and opportunities in higher education.
  • They see healthcare workers as role models, and start to see themselves in similar roles.

Benefits for teachers

It’s backed by research:

You’re in control:

  • You get to see which students have logged in and what questions they’ve asked.
  • You can download transcripts of live chat sessions.

It’s secure and safe:

  • Only students who’ve been given access by their teacher can login to the Zone.
  • No personal details are shared on the site, and student content is moderated.
    Read our safeguarding statement ❯

Everything’s designed for easy, online access:

  • Signing up is quick and easy
  • Students can log in at any time to read healthcare workers’ profiles and send questions.
  • Students create their own accounts using a link you create. This will take them around 10 minutes; send it to them the day before your chat, or earlier.
  • You book chats for times that suit you and your students.

Teachers: register to take part ❯
It takes 2 minutes to register. We’ll let you know when the activity is running.

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Questions? Contact support@imamedic.uk