This information is provided for schools IT staff, to check that classes will be able to use the site during the I’m a Medic event. Please do these checks before the event starts.
See more about the accessibility of the sites here.


The site’s very simple. It uses HTML and some JavaScript. We may use Java to run the chat page, but no Flash and no plug ins. Check if your school has Javascript enabled here – http://enable-javascript.com/ If it’s not enabled – you can follow the instructions on that site, for your specific browser, to enable Javascript, and use the site.

It uses cookies.

It has been tested on all major browsers (even, shudder, IE10) and should be fine on machines running Windows, MacOS or Linux.


90% of the problems that schools have with the site are down to filtering systems imposed by school and education authority firewalls. And OLD versions of Internet Explorer.

Problems are rare, but we know from experience what the possible issues are. Doing these brief checks well before the event begins will mean that we or you are able to sort them out painlessly.

Checks to run through:-

Before the event

1) Log in to the site while logged into the school system using your normal log in and check that you can:-

a) Ask a question (feel free to just say test, or ask a question of healthcare professionals if you want to!).
b) Access the chat page – please use the staffroom. This chatroom will be open for testing ‘drop in sessions’ before the event, as advised.
c) Type in the chat box.

2) Now log in to your system as a student and check the same things. It’s important to do this step, as some school systems block chat facility for students, but not for teachers.

Whitelisting sites

We have had reports from a couple schools having difficulty accessing the live chats on the sites.

If you’re having an issue, it is likely that your school is blocking it on your school networks.

A simple work around would be to add these URLs to your school network whitelist. If your school has an IT technician, please ask for this list of URLs to be added to the school’s whitelist:


Healthcare Professionals should do the same from behind institute and corporate firewalls.

If you have any problems, please contact admin@imamedic.uk or call 01225 667922 and we’ll be happy to help.